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ABOUT US Pyramid oven Co.Ltd PYRAMID Oven Co. Ltd. is committed to producing the most suitable oven for the public. The company brings together patented technology from Taiwan's National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology and expertise from multiple interdisciplinary experts for design, R&D, and data analysis.
Designed with quantum technology and after six years of research and improvement, the oven produced by PYRAMID Oven Co. Ltd. represents the pinnacle of oven technology. It isonly practical and healthy, but also an ideal choice for both restaurant professionals and health-conscious home cooks.

The Origin of God's Ovens We are a professional team with extensive experience in kitchen workflow design and backgrounds in the food and beverage industry. For many years, we have personally used professional wood-fired ovens to bake pizzas. In seeking a healthier and more environmentally friendly method of production, we conducted research on various types of restaurants, mobile pizza truck operators, and barbecue restaurants that use large ovens.
We found that the air pollution resulting from the use of high-temperature environments such as wood and charcoal fires cause serious occupational injuries to the human body. These methodsonly domeet the requirements of environmental protection, but also doconform to the concept of healthy eating.
The Perfect Solution to Traditional Oven Defects In most restaurants, only a few professional establishments are equipped with brick ovens, because they are bulky, expensive, and have a high operating threshold.
Traditional open-flame oven cooking methods can produce a high-temperature environment for a long time, which can easily oil fumes and incomplete combustion, causing carbon buildups and imposing a burden on the human body. At the same time, it also consumes a lot of energy and iseasy to clean.
Therefore, we have targeted this most challenging cooking equipment, optimized various problems of traditional ovens, and created a safe, energy-saving, fast, and easy-to-operate oven that islimited by space, time, weight, and energy consumption while also taking care of the operator's health.

Various patents
Integrating the technical staff of the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology and the patented technology of design, research and development, and data analysis from Taiwan across various professional fields, it has obtained a number of major national patent certificates and successfully authorized our company for research and development and manufacturing. Based on quantum technology, after six years of research and improvement, a practical and healthy oven has been created.
-  9 patent certificates of the Republic of China -   8 US patent certificates -   China 1 new patent certificate
Three Key Safety Features
  • Patented Heat Insulation Patented Advanced Insultation & Thermal Storage Capabilities/Exterior Remains Cool to the Touch
  • Gas Leak Protection Our TGAS certified gas valve provides explosion-proof safety and automatically cuts off gas supply when detecting abnormal pressure, preventing gas leakage
  • Two-Stage Ignition System Electronic two-stage switch ensures child safety and easy, secure ignition.
Hot Fireball Burner - Oven Structure Introduction
First Combustion (Pilot Flame) Ignition of the gas source Triple combustion technology Secondary Combustion (Main Flame) A special metal heats the burner to a redhot state Up to 95%High Efficiency Combustion Third Combustion (High Temperature Cracking) Burn water vapor and cooking fumes Reduce carbon buildup

The top/fireball burner surface is stable at 500℃ to 600℃, and the highest temperature of the bottom plate can reach 400℃ to 430℃. Even after using it for several hours, the outer shell is only 45℃ to 55℃, which ishot to the touch. Pyramidal inner structure Patented insulation technology ensures safer usage. The internal components and back panel of the oven door are made of mirror- finished stainless steel, which utilizes a pyramid-like angle of approximately 53 degrees to reflect far-infrared light, achieving efficient & comprehensive heat aggregation &retention, removing unwanted food odors, and preserving the original flavor and moisture of food.

Double Inclined Guide Plate Design When igniting, the burner comes into contact with air and water vapor. Through the second inclined guide plate, the radiant heat released by the burner is compressed inwardly, and supply oxygen in the air as an auxiliary fuel for the third combustion.
At the same time, a small amount of heat is discharged through the first guide plate to the upper exhaust hole, achieving high-efficiency heat storage, energy-saving, and reducing carbon accumulation. The operator willfeel unbearable high temperatures when using the oven.

patent Furnace body structure / burner
Blazing Fireball Burner The original non-flame burner uses a small amount of gas and a small amount of water vapor in the air as fuel through a special metal, showing a fiery red color like the sun. Although the temperature is high, it ishot. The design idea originated from Charcoal fire, "charcoal fire" is the most common original fire, which is taken from the hottest part of the charcoal fire to expand the combustion area and achieve low consumption and carbon reduction; the burner structure and the hydrogen and oxygen in the air are used as fuel to achieve cracking Effect; research shows that it can achieve more than 95% complete combustion and reduce carbon deposits; after 25 minutes of starting the furnace, the burner center temperature is 900 degrees Celsius and continues to maintain the temperature, while the furnace top and fireball surface are maintained at 500 to 600 degrees Celsius The non-direct open flame creates three kinds of heat: heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation, so that the food iseasy to burn. Pyramid Furnace Structure Patented pyramid structure design, the inner wall is made of mirror stainless steel, and the far-infrared heat radiation released by the burner is fully concentrated on the bottom plate by the principle of physical reflection. In addition, the special design of the furnace mouth guide plate makes the furnace mouth high. Pots with an inner height of 15 cm can be placed, and the overall heat circulation is good, so that the heat energy iseasy to dissipate, the heat storage effect is better, and the cooking time is saved.